Poems At An Exhibition

“Poems at an Exhibition,” held at the Kranzberg Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri, in August 2019, was a unique blend of visual and literary arts. This collaboration featured my prints, and poems by Pulitzer Prize-winning US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser. Rather than directly illustrating the poems, the project engaged in a dialogue, each piece enhancing the other. Kooser’s celebrated observational style and my visuals celebrated life’s simple yet profound moments. The exhibit offered a multifaceted experience, showcasing the synergy between visual and literary elements.

It was an honor to be part of such a creative process, especially with a poet of Kooser’s caliber. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this experience, which allowed me to explore new dimensions in my art and connect with audiences in a profoundly meaningful way.

View the prints and poems below, with readings from Harlan Rector and insightful descriptions from Alex McCarty (age 9) and Kerri McCarty (age 6):



Poems At An Exhibition Exhibit at Kranzberg Gallery, St. Louis

Click here to download free interactive catalog – “Poems At An Exhibition” 

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Product Animations

What can you do with computer generated imagery?

My approach to product visualization leverages the power of CGI (computer generated imagery) to create highly detailed, photo-realistic images of products and prototypes. This technique is particularly valuable for showcasing aspects of a product that are difficult to capture with conventional photography or illustration, such as internal components, cut-away views, and other features not visible to the naked eye. By utilizing advanced CGI techniques, I can produce compelling visual representations that effectively communicate complex technical concepts and enhance the viewer’s understanding of the product.